Kicking The Bucket List

At 47, Rachelle Henry is finally going to try “Bucket List Item #1 – Live in a Foreign Country.”

So she quits her corporate job, puts her stuff in storage, takes her last few thousand dollars, and moves to a continent she knows little about and where she barely speaks the language.

As she buses through South America in search of the perfect city, policia with big guns and strangers offering her coca candy make her wonder if she should’ve started with “Item #96 – Learn to Knit.” When she’s mistaken for a prostitute in Chile and stuck with a bunch of 20-somethings in the Amazon, she ponders whether she should’ve traveled with ElderTreks, instead.

But by the time she runs out of money in Argentina, she realizes the real value of kicking her bucket list – and the importance of a perfectly blended Pisco Sour.